IPR enforcement workshop for Bangladesh Police officials

To ensure effective enforcement of the existing intellectual property rights act and encourage innovation and creativity, a training workshop was held on February 12, 2014 in Dhaka city.

Cultural Affairs Secretary Ranjit Kumar Biswas ndc, chief guest at the workshop, said, “Law enforcement agencies should be made more aware of the IPR situation in Bangladesh. It will generate awareness among the people. Public and private entities together should play their due role.”

Discussants expressed that, people involved in the vicious cycle of piracy are unaware of the consequences of copyright violation. Active involvement of the law enforcement agencies would reduce the piracy rate in the country and ensure proper evaluation of the citizens’ creative minds, they added.

The workshop was organized for the Bangladesh Police by Bangladesh Copyright and IP Forum (BIPF) and the Copyright Office. Representatives from the Bangladesh Police, officials from Copyright Office, representatives from government agencies, officials from BIPF and Business Software Alliance (BSA) participated in the training workshop.