Copyright is an automatic right. Copyright Protection is for the expression of an idea only, not for the idea itself.

Trademark is a distinctive sign or mark which distinguishes one’s goods and services from those of its competitors. A Trademark can be a combination of words, logos, symbols, signs etc.

Patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor for his invention. The invention can be a product or a process that encompasses, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem.

Geographical Indications or GI is a kind of intellectual property rights that is associated with culture, geography, heritage and traditional practices of people in a given country or area. GIs are signs that always associate a goods or product to a certain territory, region or locality in that territory.

A design is any new shape, configuration, patterns of ornaments which are applied to an article by an industrial process and whose features appeal to and are judged by the public.

Bangladesh Copyright & IP (Industrial Property) Forum (BIPF) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes creativity and innovation. It works for the promotion, protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP) rights within Bangladesh. It is registered under the Trust Act 1882.

BIPF aims to “Create an IP culture” and establish “Effective Enforcement of IP laws” within Bangladesh. BIPF conducts various awareness and capacity building programs, seminars, workshops and training. BIPF also holds tailor-made case-specific events as per the requirement.

IP Plus Law Clinic is a legal aid centre which provides pro bono legal advice, support and assistance to strat-ups, IT entrepreneurs, creative and innovative individuals like artists, musicians, dream merchants, photographers, journalists and not-for-profit entities.

INTELLECT is an Intellectual Property online magazine managed and published by BIPF. It features news, articles and opinion pieces on the diverse field of IPR in both local and international arena.